Escargot won't work under Windows XP SP3

Escargot MSN Messenger 7.5 prepatched version doesn’t work under Windows XP SP3.

Root Certificates are activated. (see image below)

Also, I run the troubleshooter.

Thank you for your support.

you have internet explorer 8 installed ?

Thank you for replying that fast.

No, I do not, because it’s a almost clean install of Windows XP.

I am going to install it.

IE 8, TLS 1.0 enabled, SSL 2 disabled, 3 enabled, if i remember.

It looks like there is no luck.

it worked on a laptop from 2004 (but that was with Windows Messenger 4.7.0105)

Yes, I have SP3.

I’ve had this problem for a long
time and I’ve been tying to fix it by my self, without success.

I have had it in a 2004 Acer laptop and on this
computer, running XP. On Vista and 7 it works great.
It usually worked months ago in XP, but suddenly it stopped working.

Thank you for your time,

wait, you want to use 7.x? you need the cerficate that uses

After installing more Windows XP updates that I had not installes (and rebooting) it worked!

Thanks you two a LOT for your advice!

I had been chasing this problem for a long time now and I am very happy about being able to solve the problem. I am amazed with the helpful the MessengerGeek community is. Lots of other communitys are much worse than this.

Thank you a bunch,

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Welcome then. You’ll have a great time here.

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What updates do you install? I’m having the same problem.

You have to check the Root Certificates Update on the “Add or remove Windows components” option on “Add or remove programs”

I am not sure, but since yesterday afternoon it doesn’t work (again).

I think it was a casualty because it also worked in a Windows XP with IE 6, but then it stopped working in both (it says my account doesn’t exist, but it works on Vista).