Escargot WLM / MSN messenger not able to make voice or video call

Problem description: I can’t voice call and

Error code/error message: Messenger is not available right now. Please try again later. (0x80ee00c8)

What has been tried so far: restart, reinstall, repatching.

Messenger version: WLM 2009

Windows version: Windows 10

sadly video calls aren’t supported but someday they will add support for it

Well that’s fine. But what about voice call? I can’t call anyoone without that error showing up.

that also applies to voice calls so… your out of luck

Wow Escargot has gone downhill…

Huh, let’s see, we’ve been working 24/7 to make the service more stabler yet here you are complaining that we still haven’t implemented a tiny little feature that would take ages to implement. Also, are you sure you’re old enough to have an Escargot account?


I doubt he is old enough, because he would have realized that Escargot never had video calls, so how can we go down hill from a point we were never at in the first place? It takes a certain level of ignorance and self-delusion to have a service which is larger and stable to say it’s “gone down hill”. I’d say if his perception of reality goes further down hill, @Nikhil_Tambe should consider being in an insane asylum.


Yes, I’m 13 (no joke) and I’m eligible to use Escargot, right?

Also I was banned when I was 12. (Permanent)
I don’t know why I used Discord even when I wasn’t eligible but it was because of NSFW content. Could you let me back in?

Oh I’m sorry for calling it ‘video calls’ I meant to say to start webcam. Here does that help?

I meant to say I can’t start webcam. And also sorry for the wrong prediction. It’s glad to see you and Escargot doing maintenance everyday. I forgot about it.

Also this is probably not your guys fault it happens. It might be the security acting up which causes messenger to actually not place calls. I tried once and it worked for a certain period of time.

Yeah I’ll start over.