Escargot will put MSN Explorer in escargot server that the explorer that use MSN and WLM will be MSN explorer

I don´t know if escargot will do this

MSN/WLM uses Internet Explorer by default, you can’t change it.
Also, MSN Explorer is a old browser that was been discontinued years ago, it would not load any of the tabs correctly.

IE can´t open all of the pages

If IE can’t, imagine MSN Explorer. :stuck_out_tongue:

that´s right the MSN explorer can´t i think that other explorer will be right

MSN Explorer is not discontinued, see this thread

He probably was talking about MSN Explorer in Windows XP, which did not require a subscription. That one was discontinued years ago and is not able to open any current website.

The one you refer to is a paid service from Microsoft, still updated, different from the one mentioned by Lapras.

that explorer still needed an msn dial up subscription iirc

IE 6 5 or down confirmation