Escargot stops working sometimes

Hi everyone! I’ve been using Escargot for a while and I’m in love and happy for being able to reminisce so many good times thanks to it.
But I noticed that it stops working a few times everyday while I’m talking to my friends and it takes a while to go back to normal. Is that usual? Maintenance issues maybe?

Unfortunately what you are describing is normal at the moment. At least part of it has been attributed to the database and is in the process of being addressed, so hopefully reliability should improve in the near future.

the sevrer sometimes randomly goes down, i think this is caused by overloads.

Thanks for the fast replies! I feel a little relieved by the fact it’s not just me. :blush:
I’m wondering now for how long this has been happening. I hope it can be fixed soon!

I think I remember one of the devs saying that they are going to work on the database/migrate it, but I’m not entirely sure.
The reason it probably goes down is because the original database wasn’t designed for such a userbase shrug

I believe the crashes right now are more in part with how the server’s architecture is structured and how it can’t support >1000 online users, plus the fact we literally only have one server doing all the main communication and database stuff. I’m hoping the new release, which has a completely redone architecture, fixes this somewhat, and we also have plans to add server-server communication, which will allow more servers to be a possibly and improve reliability and such.

When Escargot was initially launched I believe valtron was and currently still is using SQLite, which isn’t really intended for anything big like user account systems (I honestly don’t know why he even stuck with it anyway). Luckily he already has plans to switch to PostgreSQL, which is more in line for Escargot’s situation, so that’ll be a thing soon.