Escargot service status page is live!

After, what, 3 years of Escargot being released, and many reports of the server being out of wack, an official service status page has now been hosted that updates the status of the main server. Note that it updates every two minutes by contacting the main server and measuring response times to determine an appropriate service status. This should lessen the amount of threads complaining about the service not being available due to whatever problems it’s having.

Link to it is available here.


Ustedes hacen un excelente trabajo! Gracias por todo el esfuerzo. Se que hacen muchas cosas mas


Thank God, finally. We’re needing this. Thanks Escargot team


This could make third-partys (that don’t do a pidgin) connect because It DOES show the the connectivity port.

Explain how that makes sense. As long as someone understands how the program works they can get any client working.

I was thinking once somebody gets it working and it does something like pidgin (where it needs a port)
just put and the connectivity port.

The port field should be already filled in by the program if it has that option. Also the port isn’t some secret thing and has been known since MSN was a thing.

oh i see why.