Escargot plugin for Pidgin working on Arch Linux!

Because of some Microsoft tomfoolery (ahem Windows update) my setup broke and since I had an Arch Linux USB just there I decided to install it and give it a go to get Escargot on Linux without using the web version.


  • Is a GTK2 app, so it may look very out of place on most desktops.
  • Doesn’t show offline contacts.


  • Supports basically anything, file sharing, font customization, emotes, nudges.

Not sure:

  • Idk if group chats work on this, I’m not on any so I can’t test it

Compiling it was a pain though, had to install Ubuntu on a VM because the package libpurple-dev needed for it doesn’t exist anymore on Arch, not even on the AUR.

If enough people are interested I’ll upload it to Google Drive or something and give instructions on how to add it.

That’s honestly pretty cool to see a type of “MSN Messenger” for Arch Linux kernel. That just reminds me of TReKiE’s Butterfly Messenger, which was a WLM recreation for Windows XP users (since the XP users were still big); but now something familiar-ish but modern on Arch Linux

also if you want to, I can add you on a group to see if it will work

Went back to Windows because some software I needed doesn’t work under Wine, sorry :frowning:
I’m still up for the group chat tho, I’m not in any lol

Oh, that’s okay
if you haven’t saved the app, atleast it’s “easier” to do it next time (although it would be surely faster)