Escargot on ubuntu


i could install msn on ubuntu but i cant type the email/password, any fix?



also i use the version 16.04 xenial


Are you referring to Empathy, Pidgin, Kopete (Trinity), or something else?


All the third parties will client will not work for sure: they need to be patched.

No one really did it because we have the official Messenger client already patched :wink:

Unfortunately, for Linux, this official client is having an issue with Wine (email and password field). You’re not the first one to face this problem.

I asked someone else to open an issue on the Wine bug tracker and open a topic on their forum… if more people report the problem, someone from Wine may work on it.


We also clearly lack Linux geeks. All those third parties clients for Linux have their source codes published so it should not be hard to recompile them with the new URLs from Escargot. Editing the binaries with an hex editor should also be possible.


Well, if any Linux geeks do join and see this, basically, they probably could mod at least Empathy (and/or Pidgin) and Kopete (either KDE 4.3 and/or Trinity R14 version) to at least cover GTK (either 2 or 3) and Qt4 (or TQt) respectively.

aMSN could also be modded, but I imagine that to be harder because that’s a cross-platform thing. Actually, I just remembered, Pidgin was also cross-platform, and there was Adium (on Mac OS) that I remember using Pidgin plugins.