Escargot on feature phones?

I’ve been told before that the official Java app for Windows Live Messenger could not be revived with Escargot. I wonder if that would be possible for an unofficial client or with a simple Java app from scratch, though?

However, I also came across a thread on this forum, a few days ago, where the OP mentioned the Chat app of their Nokia N70 and how it supported MSN. I have an N73 and I have that app as well. I tried it, typing as the server information, but it did not work and I got a server error. Am I supposed to type in a different URL, or will it not work at all?

I could really use a way to get MSN on my good ol’ Nokia and chat with my contacts on the go. Any attempts to help will be much appreciated.

I think the real challenge for this would be authentication. Although you can type in a server (handy for when Microsoft’s load balancer would be overloaded/be down), getting your login & password authenticated is likely still going to .NET Passport instead of Escargot.

There is nothing stopping anyone from writing new code for basic Messenger use, although I’m not sure of the difficulties in using J2ME for an IM client or how much pre-existing code one could find.

I realize it’s not an option now, but I definitely preferred using Messenger over SMS in the pre-smartphone era, Java and WAP clients never worked well for me.