Escargot not working


error code: 800701f4msn1

Use a different version or maybe you’re using a unpatched version.

im using patched and other, but dosent work

Try some of the older ones, like MSN 3.6.


works with 5.0?

That error code means you’re having connection issues. Do you have a VPN set up?

Also 3.6 only works if you set “Old MSN Support” during registration/password reset, which I think you shouldn’t worry about right now.

im using vpn

You probably should turn that off.

Some people need that as Escargot is blocked in certain locations. :confused:


Anyway, what location is the VPN set to emulate? That might help me figure out what to do.

vpn location is uk

That should be OK as there are British users who can connect to Escargot no problem. Maybe you should restart Messenger or your computer if you haven’t already.

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ok thx, later

im done with oscgar, im really done, the most buggy thing >:-(

I understand you’re frustrated with your issue, but don’t blame Escargot for the source of your anger. You just seem to be in a difficult position with accessibility and I’m trying my best to help. All I can suggest at this point is trying a different VPN.

ok ok, idk, i dont need to install a thing that i saw 10000 times

I’m no expert at these kinds of networking issues, so I’ve done what I could. I hope someone else can help you and gets further with a solution than me.