Escargot Not logging into account

I recently downloaded some versions of Escargot and in none of them I managed to log into my account. I’m trying to use on windows xp, I downloaded version 4.7.0106. I’ve tried several methods to get around the problem, such as: “SetEscargotServer”, disable SS 2/3 and enable TSL 1 in “inetcpl.cpl”, Try to log in several times by pressing enter, create an account with support for the old version and none of this worked … Can someone help me?

Error message: The person logged on this computer doesn’t have permission to use the specified email adress. Please type your email and password.

did you enable old msn support while registering the account?

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:stuck_out_tongue: I solved the problem by entering options, accounts and checking .Net Passport. I was breaking my head with this. LOL!

glad you got it working :stuck_out_tongue: