Escargot MSN Server on Messenger:Mac [FAIL]


Hi everyone, i’m a proud owner of a PowerPC iMac G4 from 2002.
I knew MessengerGeek for 2 years now. and after installing MSN 5 on my Windows 10 PC
i wanted to try this on my old iMac,but after editing (Microsoft and Microsoft Messenger the applications hang up at the start. i tried this several times but no luck… any help?

iMac G4 (PowerPC)
MSN Messenger 5.1.1 (2005)


if you could help us figure that out we will be happy to see it come to life before our eyes on the mac. I own a mac and use it with parallels desktop and windows xp just for msn messenger.


The current x86-based Messenger:Mac isn’t supportable right now (by the book anyway, I admit I haven’t tried) because we don’t have the higher level MSNP support.

However, this should be technically doable on older versions, unfortunately I never had a reason to own a PowerPC Mac so I can’t try it myself. I realize this is a silly question but I feel it’s worth asking, what editor did you use to do the hex editing?


i used Hex Fiend 2.0 for PowerPC, a x86 version also exists


Ah, gotcha. Just going back to your original post though, is it signing in where it gets hung up, or just starting the application at all?

If the latter, as a starting point, I would go back and make smaller per-character edits and see how much you can change before it begins to break.


The Application Hungs up when opening it