Escargot MSN is down!?


What is wrong MSN is down and so is escargot’s page?


The server is still up but it seems new connections that can’t be made. I also can’t send messages for the same reason. (“The following message could not be delivered to all recipients”).

After a little checking, it appears to be the DNS for ( and that’s down, so it can’t resolve the escargot domain name to the IP address. As I would expect that would break quite a lot of domains, I assume it would be fixed soon.

You could also fix it yourself by adding to your hosts file with IP address


Thanks! Will do if they it doesn’t get fixed soon.


This happens for me as well. I tried adding with to the hosts file, but I still can’t login.


And where is the valtron for these hours…


Escargot MSN suddenly started working for me again.


old bill i never see you online more , you blocked me ?