Escargot is kind of closed source now

I know. Here, let me explain.
Everyone gets the same information at the same time, but donators get it in more detail (i.e: explaining how you did X and the steps you did to achieve it), while normal users just simply get “we did X.” Again, this is just a personal preference of mine :p.

We actually do that too. The basics are shared with both, but in the development channel and also on our Patreon stream we detail a lot more, especially in the discord, a lot more technical detail. As we’re working on things, however, we talk in our development channel first, partly because they’re donors, and partly because it avoid unintended hype around things.

If we speak publicly that we’re working on X, people will expect it tomorrow and ask about it every damn day, but if we give progress on X to donors, we can get some feedback with the understanding it’s privileged information until we deem it’s the right time to put it in the announcements channel.

You could hold off onto the announcement until it’s almost complete, or say that it’s TBD on when it’s coming, but yeah that’s true.

oh yeah about that

does the FOSS community really give a shit about escargot? No. I’ve literally haven’t made anyone in the FOSS community mad (this does not count omni) back when I closed source squareBracket over internet drama.

most if not nearly all revivals out there are closed source, the only one I can think of that’s open source is subrocks and apparently some xfire thing.

ok so I was a retard by saying that. yes, the wlm ‘09 launch had some painful issues at launch, but compared to then escargot isn’t a spaghetti pile of code anymore and it crashes way.

i still don’t get icty regardless. why the fuck does he have a fetish of “EvEryThInG ShOuLd bE OpeN SouRcE!!11? Back when squareBracket was open source (yea, shitty shameless plug), i kept stressing over what will the guys at SubRocks think about my code, when I closed source that shit, i literally didn’t have to worry about that anymore. yes, they laughed and laughed, but at the end I didn’t care.


Welp, Escargot is worse than ever, thanks Tony very (Un)cool!

…read before you post. Make an effort at least.

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God, your post is embarrassing as fuck, and quite telling that you don’t seem to know anything about Escargot. And I don’t care if I’m uncool, I only care about service growth and stability, and we’ve had both, can’t say much about before we took over though.


Read the replies.

Sorry if I’m acting rude but why me? While I said multiple times that it is not recommend to do this and now your saying it’s my fault and the others!? It’s unbelievable how many times I’ve apologized and then people promise to not talk about me in your server and it still happens! I don’t know what your doing but you better stop about it.
And not only talking about my back but also kn @TReKiE back! It’s very rude!

It will happen soon if all members wake up and see the reality

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Because it’s history. It’s what you did, whether you like it or not. And no, we don’t talk about you all the time, we all have stuff to talk about, we don’t need to talk about you all day.

And why did you have to bring Trekie into this? Jesus Christ.

The reality: server is growing, constant development, getting more stable every day. Wow, what a reality!

Not everything is about you.

Maybe not all the time but phasers made a promise with me that everyone that talks about me would be banned. That’s a deal what phasers made with me.

And he’s gone, but no one still really talks about you anyway.

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I hope so.

this was expected when one of the maintaineers complained about “children” creating their own servers (hai tonyfuckoff). so there is one question - isn’t foss movement was created for? now they’re going to make money from this project, mainly from :brazil: community, and that’s really retarded



same for phoenix - after that sql dump i hate closed-source messengers revivals, bc i dont even know how they store a passwords and i didn’t knew that phoenix has a really poor password storage (and why there is no warning about that?)

let’s just use jabber on old PCs - imo escargot is dead now, especially with their incompability with other OSes than windows. nobody cared about this project before - no one created a linux/macos port of old msn software or a new client, so we’re forced to use weird crutches like wine or crossover

(except for the fact its more of a Pidgin client) purplemsn exists

that didn’t work for me btw

they want their stuff to be centralized, by not letting people host their own instance of their server software.