Escargot in BRAZIL

Hello guys. I call Edson live in BRAZIL. Well here we are quite sad by the end of msn, many of us would still like msn back. You create a version of the specific site for our country, for everyone. The problem of the server does not take off here yet, it is little dissemination of the server. I’m telling my friends to come in and sign up and use the server.

Another thing that is strange is an email server to dock with msn, just like the original.
And also a page to open next to the msn in place of msn today, with vesões specific for each country.

And could also see the 8x version if possible xD

It’s just a suggestion.

I’m also without escargot.
Add me.
I live in Brazil

Thanks for listening!


Eu apoio. Tenho um servidor que poderia hospedar o site.

Eu apoio também