Escargot History 2017-2018

Made a video with Windows Movie maker 2.1 Windows XP Home Edition (sorry if the video is low quality) soon… (2.9 MB)

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i remenber when 7.5 was buggy

Then i did not know that msn is alive

i discovered escargot in the day that messenger reviver 2 died

i came from michaelmjd

people still need to find a way to get escargot working in linux ;-;

Ah. Him. Not how I found out about MSN and Reviver/Escargot, but I still wonder if he’ll make Escargot mainstream. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its raw and random?

It’s the best category for this IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best? :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming soon wildman aim server history

the website changed only 5% , so WHY


b e c a u s e o f w h a t
ohtitg will make a giant text

I think this can sum up the history of his server:

  • 2017: Wildman codes up an AIM server with a small userbase and poor backend. He also apparently stripped you of your AIM for forum violations at the time.

  • 2018: The AIM server somehow doesn’t send IMs to the correct recipient and instead to some other rando. I have experienced this first-hand, and it puzzled me as to how this happened.

  • Also SmarterChildJr was a thing. Really buggy and was fun to make r/softwaregore material out of.

  • Later on, we find out that Wildman knows jack about security, and that he can’t take criticism without making it out to be mallicious, to the point where my PSA on the security matter got deleted on his forum.


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i hate this

You will be in the credits!!!

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LOL I appreciate it.