Escargot for emesene (Linux MSN Client)?

If you don’t know, emesene is a (unoffical) client for MSN/WLM (It also is compatible with FB Messenger and GTalk/Hangouts via XMPP) for Linux, so for Linux users could someone be possible to patch/modify emesene for Escargot? Sadly the old site is dead now, but emesene can be downloadable at SourceForge. If its possible to be patched, then that would be good :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve looked into it,the code is a nightmare and also didn’t find the server URLs otherwise it should. Someone on the discord is working on a multiplatform client and already has it semi working on Mac

Ok, thanks
For now ill probally have to use Wine or a VM unless i want to dual boot or reinstall Windows, which i may do

New patching method breaks wine completely,you’ll have to use 4.7 or lower for now,make sure to enable old MSN support in your account settings