Escargot down?

My friend and me can’t connect to Escargot anymore,seems that the servers are down,is it doing it for you too ?

(Its infinite loading)

Fixed ! We can connect again !

remember when i couldn’t connect to msn on shost, yeah its that and another thing

Same here, is down now.

Yep it’s down for me as well. 0 users online according to the stats.

ERROR: 81000306

Is there any way we can improve this server? This is becoming frequent.

Maybe Microsoft has took it down? :wink:

Don’t think so. It has been like this for 3 months or so. From about 9pm, London time till midnight, the server is always going down.

I was just joking. I have no idea why it keeps going down.

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It’s back up now. I just logged in.

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Yep, it is. Thank God :smiley:

Down again.

not anymore

all right here

Now is alright, but every single night it keeps going down.

Down again. Is annoying how unstable this has become. :frowning:

Not here. Will it be your connection or your system? Or overloaded server …

Probably overloaded server. A friend of mine is facing the same problem. I would really like to know if there´s any way we could improve this server.

Well, i think the server can overload due to a trick people discovered by spamming enter on the login screen on XP to force-connect to Escargot, however, this sends a fuck-ton of requests, and when the server can’t deal with it any longer, it “crashes”.

I bumped, i know.