Escargot Discord Server

I have tried to join to official Escargot Discord Server, but I got error messege. It still work anymore?

sorry for my bad english

Please try this invite: NINA and Escargot

It don’t work anymore, I have got same error.

chance is huge then that you have a IP ban.

anima is like a dictator /s

Do you happen to have another account? Usually when that happens it means you’ve been IP banned.


What’s your other account?


wtf can’t have more than 2 accs.
hope you get hack XDDDDDDDDDDDDZS

I’m sorry, but you’ve been banned for being underaged. How old are you?

13 years.


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You were banned before for being 12 years old, though.

Could you please stop interrupting this topic? It really doesn’t concern you and your snarky remarks add nothing to the conversation. And I’d be really quiet if I were you, considering you’re not old enough to be on this forum anyway. Terms of Service - MessengerGeek - “The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old.”

when the fuck did trekie add that to the TOS lmfao

This is you.
TReKiE is in canada so coppa doesn’t apply you overrated AOL employee.

The forum isn’t hosted in Canada.
Also, trying to offend people doesn’t help your case – it only makes it worse.
And guess what – it’s in the TOS - therefore you’re breaking the terms of service.

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I think you are reading the NINA tos. Also since when overrated is offending?


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