Escargot discord,please read this

This is the rason why i was ‘‘annoying’’:
So i created my discord account,joining servers,creating my escargot account.
But then i discovered the escargot discord & i joined and i maked friends
i was alikng and talking but mistakenly i thinked that no one was pay attention to me so i posted random things i founded on youtube then i got warns and finally i did something i regret.
Making a dm group but an ban was maked :cry: .In conclusion i am very sorry i changed now if i could get unbanned I would show that i changed.Thanks and stay safe :slight_smile: PS:pls unban me

pls dont hate me

Yes anyone there looks like they don’t care like if you where a ghost

i was requesting a unban

I would appreciate that if you want to talk about your ban, you would talk with the staff of the server instead.
You were warned many times for interrupting conversations, trying way too hard to bring the attention to yourself and spamming. This happened for a long time and eventually you should have expected a ban to come. We gave you a lot of chances and you blew all of them.

also i promise not to spam anymore

im on 0 servers that mg people are in

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the escargot discord is supposed to not be related to MG

but everyone from mg is there so it counts

also off topic but

epic error (it happend when i clicked to reply to u, i had to reload the page lol)

it doesn’t count.

i just want to talk with people in mg somewhere theyre active alright

also i got banned there for spamming, which i did, but i promise not to do it again

Nope and you are mistaken, most members and most active members only knew about mg because we were talking about it on the offtopic chats.

I’m sorry, but promising you won’t do something is not enough. Especially when you have been problematic in other servers as well (and banned from those too)

Well poor guy still you didn’t had to do that. P has the reason for the why are you banned and why even promising doesn’t do anything.

Also if no one pays attention to you is that they are in a conversation and do not try to use ramdom youtube things, You regret it but you are still banned