Escargot database leaked?

Hey everyone,so i was in my mail-box and i view that :

Was escargot got really hacked or its a fake alert?

i hope super not… but the fact this happens probably means it is gonna happen someday. just to know when and how

Judging by the email address… naaah, just a fake e-mail to make ya poop your pants :stuck_out_tongue:

No. A certain someone thought it would be funny to mass-mail a few people to scare them into thinking their account details have been leaked (they even sent you an email saying it was a hoax lol). This hasn’t been the case ever since Escargot was launched, and unless someone had direct access to the server (Escargot uses SQLite for its database right now, which can’t be used remotely for read/write access), then it’d be impossible anyway.


Oh okay !

how the hell would hacking a escargot account give access to your “Discord, Google, YouTube, VidLii, MessengerGeek” accounts
also theres no dot in the end of the email

With the password of account

…assuming the person was using the same password on all their accounts.

x) im using different pass on all my accounts i write it in my secret notebook

(a real notebook not on my pc)

So guys. Always watch the email address whereof sent from. Escargots has an escargot domain mail address not a gmail address. Especially not an unreadable gmail username.

If seriously happens an Escargot Database leaking then i am sure it would have been written out on MG, on Escargot Today, on Escargot website, on Discord etc. etc.

And yeah valtron can write a mail correctly with perfect English. This mail is so pointless.

oh i know where he got my mail,in my mg profile before i delete it.

and the mail adress is :
this mail remind me a thing

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I think mail owner is the Pedrox

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Pedrox’s English is worse.

He use an Traductor no ?


seriously how bored do you have to be to say escargot had a data breach for attention

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I can say for sure it wasn’t Pedrox who did it.