Escagot MSN Server - YMSG Versions

Hey guys. I’ve recently took a look on your MSN Server and it’s awesome!

Got a question. I’ve put everything in place, started the server…
I would love to have 6.0.0 version of YMSG working with this server. Version 5.5.0 is working nice, but how can I switch to that version of YMSG? I saw that the version is used in the and parsed from byte 135.

Every version is using different packet data or is there something which I can modify inside the server?

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there is another server that has 6.0 support. here is the link:

If you want to add me my username is jarhead

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Yeah, I know about that YMSG 6.0.0 server xD
I was wondering if I can create one with 6.0.0 using Escargot MSN Server. :upside_down_face:

The actual packet parsing occurs in

The server doesn’t really support the protocol Yahoo! Messenger 6 uses (YMSG12) because that uses a more complex authentication method we haven’t gotten to implementing yet. Otherwise, most of the core services should be the same. We’ll get around to implementing YMSG12 after our WIP release is done (it encompasses Yahoo! and WLM 2009 support among other new things like Circles/group chats).

BTW that “135” thing you’re talking about is a key for the version of the client logging in that the server accesses from the packet payload, not the protocol version.

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