Error with the WLM 09 local server

First off, dont do that WAIET 4 ET 2 CUM OT, im setting up a lan server. anyways, i get this error when running py script/ and yes i did install the db module Capture1 if anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me

There is no db module to install, that’s part of the server code. Also did you read the part where you have to add a PYTHONPATH system environment variable? That’ll let it import the necessary modules properly.

Also I’m starting to think that “How to set up a WLM 2009 server” thread isn’t helpful enough for people who don’t even know their way around using a command prompt (I see people still using the Python command prompt instead of the Windows one…). Honestly the way some people have been handling WLM 2009 in the past year has been iffy at best and it makes my life hard to have to clear up dumb misconceptions or plain nonsense. For future reference, always use :slight_smile:

yes and i did that

i was for the most part

I agree, the so-called “updated way” is getting more and more out-dated, and the original is mostly outdated.

post-kirk reply edit: yeah it’s also inaccurate, the file helped me figure out some of the stuff the threads (updated and the original from a year ago) forgot to add.

do i run export PYTHONPATH=".;$PYTHONPATH" in the bash shell on Git or in cmd?

If you’re using cmd then you should just set the Windows system variable to . and restart cmd.

I wouldn’t say that it’s outdated, more that it’s super inaccurate in some places and even makes very wrong assumptions (talking about original and updated). I understand some people really want to try out WLM 2009 but at this point I think it would’ve been better if everyone just waited.

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i actually have a reason on why im doing this, im creating this server for lan as kind of a private chat group

Well then I wouldn’t recommend getting your friends to set up WLM 2009 as of now because the stuff for that was only ever meant for debugging purposes and some of the URLs for the HOSTS can cause disruptions in usage of some sites (and in this case probably logging in to your computer).

i use windows 7, really wont affect in the case of logging in, plus we can kinda test out how wlm 09 would work in something like this

Good for you, but still I’d advise not getting your friends to do the same, assuming you’ll be pointing them towards WLM 2009 (BTW versions before that still work on the server :p).

they can use whatever they want, im just using 09

OK lol. Just wanted to make sure I made that clear.

they then create another forum asking for help why they can’t connect to Microsoft services. :roll_eyes:

i dont really use microsoft services other than skype, but i dont really want to use skype anymore.

That actually (almost) happened :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, ok