Error trying to log on to MSN on Linux


I was trying to make MSN work on Linux. I tested several versions, but only 5.0 allows you to enter your credentials. Despite this, it gives an error that the service is temporarily offline. Any idea?


wine is buggy as hell with msn , but you can try wm 4.7


Despite the errors you still need some other files to be installed before msn messenger can be used in wine.


Such as?


WineHQ has a howto / notes drop down for each version. For 5.0:

Be sure to use the version for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000; not the one for Windows 95
Use winecfg to change the Windows version for 'msnmsgr' to 'Windows NT 4.0', otherwise Messenger will refuse to log you in, telling you it needs to be updated
Place riched20.dll in Wine's windows/system32 folder, and use winecfg to add a DLL override so 'msnmsgr' uses native 'riched20'
Go to 'Tools' -> 'Options...' -> 'General' and uncheck 'Display MSN Today when Messenger signs in'


Worked, but I can’t send messages :frowning:
I’ll try run other versions

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