Error Message 80072efd MSN 7.5 Escargot Server


Hello all,

I install MSN 7.5 Escargot server today in my PC Windows 7. But I didin’t work. I’m having trouble logging into msn whenever logo appears that there is no connection to the internet showing the error 80072efd sayin’: Your firewall is blockin’ that program.

How to fix my trouble?



Did you make an email on escargot site???



I creat this:

On escargot site.


Close msn. Go on the escargot site. Somewhere says. Preparched versions select 7.5 then download and extract it. Copy the msnmsng.exe from the folder you downloader to the program files x86 messenger and replace the fole inside. Try now to login. Remember on7.5 you must login like this. (yourmail)|(yourpass) In the pass put your password

Error Key Ports

I’ll try to follow your instructions. If I have any questions, I’ll reply in your comment. Thanks, Alexis!


I tryed now. I replace msnmsng.exe. Same problem till. Look at


I donwload 7.0 version and now I get on. Thanks man!