Error code 80072efd

since last January 9, 2015 it is impossible to connect with Messenger on any computer!
No longer works:
The paramettre off connection IE and ports!

Vat there be a correction of this error?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

Yeah, same problem :frowning:

I’ve got the same problem! :sob:

If you click on advanced and then do a ‘‘repair’’ it does a ‘repair’ and after that revives you can login into messenger, at least it works for me, but it seems you have to do that every time :confused:

thank you,

Not for me the repair does not help the problem !

I had this problem yesterday and even after reviving my version with 2.4, it didn’t seem to do anything.
But a few minutes after the revive, msn was working again? And I had no problems signing in today.

Same problem here for the last week. Tried reviving and repairing MSN with both the MSN reviver as the original software, but no success this far.

The repair is helping because you’re shutting it down and trying to connect again. To save yourself a bit of time, just keeping on trying should be just as effective.

I’m presently testing a more reliable fix to this, if you’re interested in working with some very-beta software, just send me a message or reply to this thread and I’ll send you the necessary info.

I’m getting the 80072efd now, with MSN 2009 14.xxxxx, is there a trick to getting it to work?


Just recently, as of maybe an hour ago, haven’t been able to connect using my main account. Error Code, 80072efd of course. One of my alternative ones does connect though, it’s a Japanese one I made a while back. Unsure if there’s any correlation there.

As for Beta Software, I’m perfectly fine with helping test things. But the post, and this thread is two months old as of writing.While the same error, is this problem caused by something else than before?

The reason is probably because Escargot is not supporting it yet.

I’m afraid this thread was before Escargot was a thing (January 2015, this was back when you could log in to all versions of MSN Messenger starting with 5.0+ with Jonathan Kay’s “Messenger Reviver” program).