Error code 80072efd (WLM 2012)


Every time i try to connect i got (there is might be a problem with your internet connection…).
Tried the last reviver and nothing! it was working fine last week.

Any help? Thank you.

Yeah all the servers are gone.
port443 seems to be blocked.
I assume that the servers are being repurposed for other services.
So this might be the death of windows live messenger probablly.

its the same error as back wenn msnp18 and http got closed for good.

Well Sitenzza, Windows live Messenger died a long time ago… Not now XDu.

I hope they solve it like other times …

Yes i hope too.

But i´m affraid that they wont fix it.
Strangely enough the msnp21 does show green by all servers.
But the https port shows red, which is pretty odd.
Because that would mean that non of the third party clients should be able to connect anymore.

I tried skype for linux beta, and that worked still.
But thats basiclly a MS client aswell.
Its really annoying using skype, which i did in a Manjaro VM.

@TReKiE is it possible to install skype on windows next to windows live messenger?
Or will the Skype installer automaticlly delete the wlm installation?

Of course, Skype won’t touch it. The only time that happened was the special “wlm updater” Skype installer that you clicked on in the Messenger shutdown notification screens during the days before the original 2013 shut down. No other version has done that.

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Ah that sounds like a slight releave.
I can indeed remember that back in 2013 the update to skype did delete wlm installation completelly.
But still i hope wlm2012 could be revived, but i´m affraid that it might not be.
Even though msnp21 is green again, but https port is red.

It is the end ? :frowning:

new update from Messenger Reviver(?)
Hopefully ;A;

Oh no!! Is there any news? I use MSN everyday! :frowning:

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ME TOO! Please a Solution!
(Although it is to use messenger a little older)
Any solution! ;A;

Me too :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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me also!!!

It looks like it yes unfortunatlly.
Pretty sad day, i still have not installed skype.
But i´m affraind there is nothing else left to do.
Windows live messenger has lived on for 4 years after its original shut down.
And that is a really nice achievement.
But this time to me it looks like there is no possible way to restore it anymore.
Unless @TReKiE still sees some possibilities for it.

I do see that according to the server status page, that there are still changes on the servers now and then.
But as long as the the https port 443 is still shut down, there is very little hope left.
Wlm 2012 uses msnp21 protocol over secure https port 443 connection.
It looks to me that the block on the https 443 port is the cullprit,
and not the discontinuing of msnp21.
Because msnp21 still looks green on all servers.
Not sure if there is any work arround for this, but i have very little hope left.

I´m pretty hearth broken about it, since i used wlm for manny years,
and msn plus made my own theme and chatwindow background.
My own custom emoticons so on so forth.
Thats all gone for good now.

I still have hope

Looks to be kinda official now.


That site is not reliable. That guy he put all servers red cause the servers didn’t change after 24 hours. Until Jonathan confirms i still believe

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I have hopes too just a littlebit Alexis.

I installed skype, but i have not deleted wlm yet.
I really hope that it could be revived.
Because the Skype for windows app is just garbage. :frowning:
it really annoys me in every single way.
I just miss a proper im chat windows, and next to that i totally miss the ability to use a custom theme.
The white theme is really hurting my eyes badlly.
And next to that, those annoying ads, which i had found a way to get rid off.
But still its just a big pile of shit.

I know that the Windows10 skype app has a dark theme.
But sofar i could not find it on the Windows7 version. :frowning:

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its official…R.I.P. …

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