Error code 8004884b


I recently installed Windows Live Messenger 2012 using the Reviver installer on windows 10 pro, but i can’t log on any of my accounts. I get the error message 8004884b. it was working fine on windows 8.1.

Windows 10 Error 8004884b
Error Code 800488e7
Error Code 800488e7

8004884b is a server account error of some kind. To the best of my knowledge it’s never been fully explained.

In some cases, the problem fixes itself, in others you will need to go into your Microsoft account and try various things. I would suggest you go to, sign in with the same account and try some of the following:

  • If you see any prompts, buttons or links to verify your account, do so but do not enable two-factor authentication.
  • Continue to (Security & Privacy, More Security Settings) and add an extra e-mail address to your account.
  • Change your password (12 characters or lower preferably).
  • Visit and continue through until you’re fully into and the page is loaded. This sometimes magically fixes server problems.