Error Code: 80048821 - Can connect on modern machine, but not virual machine


I downloaded Escargot’s Windows Live 7.5 client, and registered for it. The messenger works perfectly fine on my modern Windows 10 machine, but when attempting to use it on my Oracle VM Virtual Machine supporting Windows XP SP1, I receive the error code in the title.

I am looking to use the client for a project, and it’s necessary to use it on an old machine for said project. I would like to know if there’s some way for me to get it working with the virtual machine. I do have an internet connection, as I am able to use my browser and update my system, so I’m at a loss of what exactly I need to do.

Thank you in advance.

In order to use 7.5 on XP, you need IE8 installed, TLS enabled, and SSL 2 disabled (see Internet Options Advanced tab), and up-to-date root certificates (that’s the Update Certificates optional component).

I don’t have SP1 handy right now but I’m not entirely sure this will be achievable without SP3 (specifically to get TLS with IE8).

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I got ya, if that’s the case, updating to SP3 isn’t a problem. SP1 was just what I had on-hand. Appreciate the info.

Update: All of those were enabled, however I had not updated my certificates. I found, however, that it was not necessary. Opening the Internet Options, going to the security tab, and selecting “Trusted Sites,” then selecting a custom security option and moving from Medium to Medium-Low did the trick. I’m able to use it successfully now. Thank you again, TReKiE.

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