Error code 80040154


Yo, Jonathan! I’m using a 32-bit Vista. I tried 2 do the WLM 2012 upgrade, but the installation failed & I got this error: 80040154. :worried:

Why am I gettin’ this error? Is it me or does it hav 2 do w/ the servers?


Please don’t give up on WLM 2009 yet. Let’s have faith that it will be revived.


Alright, man. I will.


80040154 means Class not registered. The “class” it’s referring to will be a COM object, or in other words, a shared piece of software that either isn’t registered in the registry or doesn’t exist/hasn’t been installed.

Normally, I’d just suggest uninstalling Messenger and starting again. In the case of this Vista scheme though, I would double-check that you have Service Pack 2 installed and the Platform Update (that’s KB971644 in Windows Update, check the Optional category).

The next Reviver version will check for these two missing requirements. Unfortunately, I rushed a little too quickly through to get Vista support in and didn’t cover this in the installer.


I’ve now tried what U said, but I can’t reinstall my WLM 2009. :disappointed: Is the Reviver missing something?


The new version of reviver does not includes wlm 2009 installer anymore.
Because wlm 2009 is dead.

End of an era :stuck_out_tongue: