Error 8009004 after installed on new pc


Hello guys! What’s up! So, I got a new computer some time ago and tried to install wlm, everything went well, though when i tried to sign in it showed error 8009004, does anyone know how to solve it or something? Thanks!!


if you are using windows 10 try the latest version of messenger reviver.


Thanks! I tried to, but it didn’t work :pensive:


you must contact with @TReKiE Jonathan kay to help you send him a message

in the meantime:
1)delete messenger cache
c:users/(your account name)/ Appdata/local/Temp

find the messenger cache folder delete him and try again

also delete the in:

c:users/(your account name)/appdata/local/Microsof/messenger

delete everything inside that folder and try again

if this dont work try to contact with jonathan as i told toy

now for temporary use you can use butterfly messenger:

download and extract it and log in.