Error 80072ee7 when trying to login

I get an error (80072ee7) when trying to login to messenger. When checking the troubleshooting options, it gives an error when checking the key ports. What could this mean?

I’m using version 8.5.1302.1018 on my Windows 7 notebook

The troubleshooter right now always says the key ports have issues even if everything’s fine so that’s not really an accurate way to find the problem.

As for your problem, judging from the error code it looks like the client can’t make any connections to the server at all. Try making sure you downloaded prepatched first or that your network isn’t having any issues.

I have downloaded the prepatched.
I’m not sure if my firewall is blocking anything.

Do you need to open ports 443 and 1863 to be able to login?

i dont think you need to do that

i installed 8.5 prepatched on windows 7 and it worked fine. maybe you accidentally installed the unpatched version?

the file name should be escargot-wlm-8.5.1302-laungauge.msi for the patched version