Error 80072745 - With my log


First, I would like to congratulate Mr Jonathan Kay for his work to revive our dear MSN, it really changed my life. Well, this is the first topic I create then try to follow the instructions given.
Today I was on MSN and suddenly my computer restarted because the spokes and the summer rains (live in Brazil). And since turned on the computer again I have been suffering with error 80072745. I’ve read that if possible, was to create a connection log and send here, what have I done:

This is my log.

The version of messenger I am using is the 2009 and my operating system is windows XP service pack 3.
I hope I have been clear and thanks for listening.
I await response. Bye Now.
(I used the google translator because my English is not so good, forgive me if something was wrong. lol)



Olá Vinny

Thanks for making and attaching the log, it really is helpful.

It looks like you’re seeing the same problem as this thread, where Messenger is trying to connect to your local computer during the connection process. Feel free to read that thread if you want, but the conclusion was made that either older versions of Messenger Discovery or a Kaspersky product could be causing this to happen.

From my own (very limited) testing back in December, I’m not completely sure that I know what’s going on but regardless, Messenger isn’t working the way it’s intended.

Since the problem just begun, it could be due to startup timing (I bet rebooting could solve the problem temporarily), or some sort of cached value expired. Moving forward, if you are using Messenger Discovery or Kaspersky, I would recommend unloading them (at least briefly), to see if that solves the problem.


Hello, Jonathan!
Thank you for your help. * - * It helped me a lot, I uninstalled the Messenger Discovery and ran the msn, worked perfectly. Now reinstalled the same version of Messenger Discovery and keeps running. Use an old version because I do not know of another new version that is compatible with the messenger 2009 and is also cracked (pay for a program like this is a steal. Lol)
Whatever. Thank you, really. You are a genius. Until next time, bro.