Error 80048821 on Windows XP

It worked yesterday, and this morning it started not working, but if I clicked the Log In button a lot of times, it logged in after a while. Now it doesn’t log in.


Disable the SSL 2.0.

Make sure you have the Root Certificates Update installed.

I do have root certificates.

I disabled SSL 2 and it still doesn’t work.

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Ok. Try going to the following address on IE: m1. Make sure it gives you a 404 error without complaining about a certificate.

It doesn’t give a 404 error.

It complains about a certificate (image below),

and if a tell IE to go to the website anyway, it doesn’t show a 404, but it goes to the website.

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Is your date wrong?

You’ve entered the address wrong. It isn’t, it is

i’ve been trying to switch back to windows xp but since i tried your instructions. it hasn’t helped. here is a screenshot for you to see. This is something that I think has to do with windows being updated to SP3 itself.

i’ve also tried using msn messenger without it trying to repair every time it starts. each time I went back to SP2 msn messenger didn’t try to repair itself but every time I went to SP3 msn messenger tries to repair itself. eventually it has stopped trying to repair and still doesn’t connect. I can connect to the website ( but not what you think is happening here? :frowning:

Did you try resetting IE’s settings?

yes multiple times but now that messenger is working. it just some times tells me the credentials are wrong when I am putting the right credentials in the right boxes.

The same happened to me, but now it always gives errors.

see this happen to everyone, I would suggest @valtron check the server for errors. it takes me a whole two hours just to sign into one account which isn’t right. (password wrong error 80048821)

That would be awesome!

Here, check out this thread for this problem:

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and if this topic no worked for you, try change your password in: this worked for me and check if SSL 2.0 this desmarqued and SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 this marked

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This is a tip that worked for me. :stuck_out_tongue: