Error 0x81000370 in Escargot MSN Messenger 6.2

I’m trying to use EMSNM 6.2 on Windows XP SP3 in VirtualBox, however after some tries of logging in because of 80048821 error, i get this error message and when i try to log in again the cycle repeats, i used to be able to log in normally after some tries of the 80048821 error, but now i can’t. Even though when i make the connection check it displays the “The webpage cannot be found” message i still can’t connect

“There was a problem connecting you to MSN Messenger. Click Troubleshoot for help with this problem”

Edit: Nevermind, i just have to keep trying to log in, i’d delete the post but for some reason i get a message saying that i don’t have permission to do it

it takes a lot of effort to log in to 6.2. the latest version that works on xp that is good with having to click sign in over and over is 7.5