eOrkut - a great companion for MSN


if you were a orkut user, heres something similar!
if not, welcome to one of the social medias that boomed together with MSN!
im not the creator of course, but its great old things are rising up again.

para usuarios do brasil ou portugal, vcs que sabem


i’m have account orkuti.net brazilian server orkut


i prefer www.orkut.br.com


www.orkut.br.com is better


yeah :grinning:


i have orkut.br too, but it doesnt have a english option, so for now, lets keep it like that.


Saudades do Orkut.


entra nesse site e mata a saudade


what’s that and what it does?


its a orkut clone :smiley:


yeah i know but WHAT IS ORKUT?!?!


a old social media


Sdds orkut e colheita feliz kk