Entirely Delete my Escargot Account

I just wanted to see what Escargot wa, but I’ve moved on too far to re-appreciate what’s truly classic anymore.
How can I have my Escargot account permanently deleted as if I’d never set up one to begin with? Thank you much to whoever reads this.

there is no way to delete an account yet

you can make a request to delete your account

Out of pure curiosity, what is missing that you’ve “moved on too far” on exactly?


I just wanted to see what everyone was talking about.
But I’m honestly not a man of too many classics, so seeing all the
classic things I liked to used just be spitefully broken, like
Micro(Hard)'s handling of Skype and shattering the classic interface.
I’ve honestly just been forced to do nothing but wipe away tears as the
classic crap that worked will never ever work again.
Goodbye, oh all mighty legacies.
Anne Robinson sees you all one brain cell short of a full brain.
You’re all the weakest link; GoodBye.

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