Emulating MSN's advertisement server

So. MSN’s little advertisement bar. Eternally empty, ever since Escargot was launched.
A real shame, too… it has so much potential. Obviously, we can’t use it for actual advertisements, since Microsoft would crush us with their monopolistic iron fist for making money off of their discontinued, dead creation. So… what could we do with it instead?

My idea is simple: build an application (or a Messenger Plus! plugin/script) which emulates MSN’s advertisement servers on the host machine, allowing users to import .PNGs and .GIFs to finally fill that dreadfully empty little rectangle of shame with fake advertisements created by the loyal members of the Escargot and MessengerGeek communities.

Ideally, users should also be able to control the frequency at which the “advertisements” change, along with what webpages to open when they’re clicked on. But, of course, none of this can be done if we don’t know how the advertisement servers work…

So, how much do we really know about how the advertisement servers worked? Have they already been reverse-engineered? And most importantly, how difficult would it actually be to create that server emulation application/plugin? After all, it’d be extremely unfortunate if that box were to remain empty forever…


yes we need it

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y e s

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That sounds like a good idea i would really like to see that implemented someday :nerd_face:

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