Emoticon Mask


Already picked @TReKiE’s mask. XD
What’s yours?
I need to make one.
EDIT: Picked one! More like: Picked Two!

Other person: Never say that again!
Btw I picked Tails cause he’s my favorite Sonic character.
And yes, I like foxes too.
If I make an Alt account it should be called WindowsXPFox2008 or TailstheFox2008
EDIT: New mask (credit to @OhHelloThereImTheGuy)


Pretty sure @TReKiE would choose the Tails mask. :stuck_out_tongue:


We both would since we both like Tails :stuck_out_tongue:


Jazwares did some really cool Sonic and Shadow masks ~2013ish, but they never made a Tails one :frowning:


I feel the same way about no Tails masks XD