Email Notifications

i was thinking about old sounds in WLM 8.1
and i found bout email notifications… how i can make this notification work?

It’s for Wave 2 (WLM 8.5) but hopefully it works as well with 8.1.

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I have Email notifications working with WLM 8.1 and Windows Live Mail. It uses the sound set in Windows for email notifications so for the original email sound you’ll have to set that in Windows

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@OhHelloThereImTheGuy Thank you so much!

Haha you’re welcome. :smiley:

I did this as well.
My Windows Live mail is works and it opens from Messenger too but. If I get a new mail then it does not notify me by MSN. But if I open the live mail the letter is there.

Problem solved. I must have same password of mail and escargot mail

the lst thing is that i dont get the sounds, how do i solve this?


You’ll have to go into Windows’ sound settings (right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray and select “Sounds”). In the “Sounds” tab, locate the “Windows” sound scheme and there should be a “New Mail Notification” option. You can then change the sound file to anything you want after that and apply your changes.

i have set that but the sound wont play

Weird. Did you restart MSN?

yep, since yesterday they wont play, only the email notification ones, the rest works

Is your system sound not muted?

no lol

in the sound control panel is there a speaker icon next to the email notification sound?

speaker kinda like that but sometimes it will be yellow

yes, its the MSN one that i set

does it work when you press the test button?

yep it does

thx!!! i needed that