Eh, eh? err: 678 with dial-up connection


i’m using Virtual Modem 2.2 in Windows XP


first off why the fuck do you want dial-up


i have softwares that use Dial-Up


what software are you still using that requires dial-up?


internet explorer, hyper terminal and installation wizard of MSN Explorer 9


And why do you want to install MSN Explorer 9? It isn’t supported anymore.


Why do you use Live Messenger? It isnt supported anymore.


Is there a revival for MSN Explorer?


i want help with dial-up


Typically, you may receive this error message when one of the following conditions is true:

  • A network cable is disconnected.
  • The modem has been disabled.
  • The modem drivers are corrupted.
  • Spyware is running on the computer and is interfering with the connection.
  • Winsock has to be repaired.
  • Third-party firewall software is blocking the connection.


this is a Virtual Modem


it usually means “the remote computer did not respond”


how make its response





you’re welcome




To be clear on this
Internet Explorer does not require a dial connection but hyper terminal may require it. many of the software on os’s after DOS does not require a dial connection. if I may be correct, around the same time as the os’s that came out after DOS there may have been an update to DOS that made it work with a high-speed connection or otherwise a stand-alone driver for DOS. so no, not all the software listed here does not require a dial connection.
If he wants a dial connection then that is what he will do. let him do it.