Eceque escargot surveille nos conversation msn?

je voudrai que c’est le developpeur qui me repond c’est pour etre un peu plus informer pour que les rumeur s’arete merci

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Eceque escargot surveille nos conversation msn?

Does Escargot monitor our msn conversations?

Again, no. We only record the number of messages being sent, and that’s only for statistical purposes and is reset every 5 minutes. Plus it’s publicly available on the site. Whoever’s telling you these lies should quit their act and hopefully they haven’t gotten to other people.

BTW I’m a developer for Escargot (I go under the name “walkingphasers” on Escargot’s GitLab code repository, if you weren’t aware already.

pck c’est pck tu sait des gens qui cherche les embrouille ils il en n’a sur instagram

qui font des fake news sur votre site mec

who make fake news on your site dude

Honestly I’m not that aware of those kinds of things going on in terms of Escargot, and it sounds more like this is happening somewhere that I’m not aware of or is happening outside of websites. Either way I suggest you discourage the person who started this from continuing these rumors any further, and if this is on some website somewhere, I advise you tell your friends to not fall for these lies and spread the word.

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tkt pas je suis en train de contre dire les rumeur et plus je vous fait de la pub pour faire venir les francais pour que comme ca plein de monde vient je vous crois stv mon email :

Thanks for the kind email offer, but I can only do so much translating back and forth in a forum setting. Doing that in IM would be cumbersome and I’m afraid things would get lost in translation.

Also as long as the perpetrator isn’t carrying this out as some sort of massive scale attack, I’m fine with people simply warning others about the rumours for now.

c’etait la dernier question au moins t’aura pas besoin de traduire sinon merci pour l’info :slight_smile:

Oh, that last reply was a question? Well I feel dumb. Google Translate was choking on that one and for the most part its translation was confusing.

Anyway from what I can interpret of it we’re not that concerned about getting an online presence for Escargot and starting advertising campaigns with it. Right now we see no need for that, plus advertising something that directly uses and modifies Microsoft’s technologies would probably get us a big fat legal warning and force us to quit prematurely. That probably won’t change, but who knows? I’m not the one running the project. :stuck_out_tongue: