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Hey everyone ! I’m using Messenger through Wine, most things work well but I really wanted to use dynamic backgrounds, unfortunately they doesn’t appear in the app. Do you know which program / resource / dll they use to work ? Since winks work, I guess it’s not Flash Player.

Thanks :slight_smile: (sorry I might do grammar mistakes, I’m french)

What version of Messenger are you using? I know the dynamic backgrounds and winks require an older version of Flash Player for ActiveX.

I have the latest version of Flash Player (20.x) on my XP system and Messenger doesn’t recognise it, so it probably needs Flash Player 9. (This is a screenshot I posted a while back)

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Hey, thanks for your answer ! I’m using Messenger 7.5 with Flash Player 11 and winks work with this version, but I’ll try with Flash Player 9.

In fact, the dynamic backgrounds don’t install at all with MSN, they don’t appear both in the application and in the Application Data folder. I tried to reinstall but no results. On my XP computer they appear, so I guess there’s a missing dll / program inside my Wine bottle to make them work. I tried to move MSN’s Application Data files from XP to Wine, but it didn’t work either.


can you look in your %AppData&\Microsoft\MSN Messenger(some number)\DynamicBackgrounds, there should be 4 TFR8***.dat files

Yea I already checked and the folder was empty. And even if I add those files from my XP computer to my Wine bottle they don’t appear…

we told you 100 times you need flash activeX 10.3 version in order the winks etc to work on windows xp/vista/7

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thats Mac OS X, not Windows

also, if you could install Messenger COntent (MCO) files, i would give you the dynamic bgs

Sorry, I didn’t have Internet for a few days ! Thanks a lot but MCO files don’t work for me. I also noticed I can’t see animated avatars from other users so I’m pretty sure I have to install something to make everything work. Do you know which resource they use ? It doesn’t seem to be Flash Player…

if winks work… but dynamic bgs/pictures don’t then i don’t know.

That’s strange… Thanks for your answer anyway :slight_smile:

Where I can find the Flash activeX 10.3? Cause I tried to install, but the installer says “the flash player you’re trying to install it’s too old”. Btw, I have W7 Ult. x64.

disconnect from network, then install

I did it, but I got the same problem (with or without Internet). I can’t install it. It says: “The AFP version that you’re trying to install is not the latest, Go to Download Center to download the last update”.

i just uninstalled all versions, then installed 10, make sure its fresh, pretty sure it makes a config flag, so it wont install, unless you know where the flag is.

Thank you! I just uninstall AFP ActiveX version 26, then, I opened Ccleaner and clicked Run Cleaner. After that, I opened the AFP 10 uninstaller, and then… I tried to install it and that worked perfectly fine. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Edit: uninstalled*