Drawing splatoon stuff until I get a turtle

I want a turtle, so I will just. Draw here. Nothing special, but if you like it))


wow that’s a pretty nice one

Now, just to help, is there any animal donation stuff that has or includes Turtles?
I mean, growing up a turtle for the rest of life seems interesting (or smth). Never really got to have a turtle myself, but I remember somebody having 2 65 years old turtles and they seem pretty chill

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That is a VERY AMAZING splatoon drawing i played all 3 of them including the Wii U version

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same, and thanks for the support!

Sorry, but no i dont have it, but turtles are not too expensive in my country

I love it, you should more ngl

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this kinda looks like ai ngl

а как мне икринки получить я заебался чайники трахать

I can’t I unsee it now that you mentioned it :sob::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Ms Translator festure is kinda buggy lol

спроси у потапыча

wait, you can make pictures from ai now? i just learned about chatgpt now what?

its about splatoon thingy

не забывай я на ебанутом дрилле я на половину сингл третьего сплата прошёл (в мультик не играю ибо нет подписьки)

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а че с передовом он думает что “сплат” это “несвежий” а “подписька” это “подпись”

slate → splat
single → singleplayer
cartoon → multiplayer
signature → subscription

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ваще имба, если хочешь можешь меня добавить (код друга) SW-8516-1987-9092

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а, надо убивать волосатых


womp womp

shut the fuck up you little piece of shit
do you want to get fucked up for saying womp womp on a normal ukrainian friend?
(sorry again for breaking guidelines)

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