Drake & Josh

Say, “Yes” if you are a fan of Drake & Josh.

I’ve never seen before, but I know that in 11PM sometimes it passes on Nickelodeon (Atleast, in 28/10/2020 DD/MM/YYYY)

No. I don’t watch this crap. I watch real cartoon, homestar runner, homestuck


Well not fully but i like the Gamesphere meme

I like the Treehouse meme.

please dont cuss

you cussed and now poof your banned what’s your response?


No u

Hi billy mays here for OXI-CLEAN the best cleaning option!

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see? you remember

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say bqbqbq if you know about Cap.IV and Dial track of autechre gantz graf

Yes, I actually LOVE watching Drake and Josh

Well, around 2009-2010 I watched all episodes of it so many times on Nickelodeon. It’s still my favourite show, there’s no another series which is beated it.

It has short, succint content with an unexpected ending. The story/action of it involves the viewers what will the solution for appeared problem e.g Megan’s serious trick. To mention a concrete incidence, when Megan hid the Boss’ child. Lol, it was well based and circumscribed so well which incredible. It contained many humor, funs with a serious action.

My favourite episode when Josh and Drake hate each other, cause of Drake’s fault (Josh missed his test).

So basically Drake and Josh was a incredible series. One of my favourite series. I can mention here the iCarly, Big Time Rush, Avatar, Legends of Aang. You’ll love them if you have not watched yet.

Another Important to note, so many memes created from Drake and Josh which are so funny: Where�