Download some cool themes for Windows XP


Here are some really cool Windows XP desktop themes

1: Download the themes:!LRBVAbpD!ynrOgukRpZHjok1M25P6g4GxcRcqZoONw1zPgDtq4D4

2: Open the executable file: XPThemes.exe (The installer is in Spanish)
Click in “Inicio”

And next, the themes:

In Left, the themes, Right, a screenshot of the themes, click in one of the themes and install it.

This is a screenshot of the XP Dark theme:

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Are you really using XP?


Yes, is my only PC


how are you able to use XP in 2017? Isn’t it unsupportive?


1: I downloaded a .reg file that brings back the Security Updates of Windows XP

2: I’m Venezuelan

3: I use SRWARE Iron as web navigator


I use Firefox and Google Chrome


It is not because a system has been discontinued that it will be infected. With minimal awareness and a good antivirus, you can use most operating systems.


I use Windows XP still (though I do use Windows 10 on my main computer,) and I haven’t been infected with any crap.


windows xp is awesome I love using it! I have been using it since May 28th


@PajamaFrix @BucketOfChicken The installer of the themes is in Spanish but the themes is in the language of your PCs, this is a screenshot of the Dark XP theme:

Looks really great, right? :wink:


It looks great, but I’m not interested. :stuck_out_tongue:
The Luna and Zune themes are good enough for me.


i don’t download stuff much, but when i do


speeking of witch i forgot to do that



one question , is nothing about the topic but i want to ask , WINDOWS VISTA SUPPORTS ATHEROS AR956x ???


I don’t know, sowy :stuck_out_tongue:


These XP themes look kinda pretty sketchy for me :stuck_out_tongue: (in terms of their aesthetics)