Dont working Escargot in russia (not everywhere)


Problem description:
Just not working Escargot, but with VPN it works
is it not by chance your server hosted on DigitalOcean?
It seems, because of Roskomnadzor just Escargot and does not work…
Сообщение для русских посетителей: у кого не работает?
Error code/error message:
80072efd or 800701f4
Messenger version:
Windows version:
Windows 10 (16299)


For now the only solution is using a VPN :stuck_out_tongue:


The Escargot server is on Google Cloud (ie. App Engine), and based on some of the news reports regarding the Telegram block/ban I’ve read, it seems their shutdown has affected connectivity to a lot of Google and Amazon hosted services.

Sadly, I guess Escargot connectivity is collateral damage with that.


eh… … … … … …


Wow! Never really knew Escargot was hosted on something Russia blindly banned just because it was used for an unrelated service. Guess that explains the Google Storage links used for the downloads on the front page.

Time to add that to the list of corrupt things Russia has been doing to “protect their citizens.”


and Telegram is blocked for the fact that “terrorists communicate” there, but this is not proved by anything. In April 2017, when an explosion occurred in the St. Petersburg metro, terrorists generally used WhatsApp


whatsapp … i hate so much it


Your post reminded me that I wanted to look up if Whatsapp was blocked as well. It seems it isn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

Beyond what you’ve already pointed out, that makes the official explanation behind this Telegram ban make even less sense, which leads me to suspect the truth is something else. Perhaps Durov is being “punished” for something?

Just doing some introductory research, I read this piece from Bloomberg, which even at the beginning reveals there’s conflict: forced to sell his remaining stake in Russia’s largest social network, VK, to a Kremlin-friendly billionaire in 2014. Then later on, he trolled the FSB for demanding VK user data in 2011, after opposition leaders used the network to organize the biggest protests of Vladimir Putin’s now-18-year rule, and on from there.

I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but there is way more going on here than what’s being reported.


Hah. Guess Putin doesn’t care much. Probably more worried about the existence of homosexuals and pornography :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, PornHub, along with YouPorn, are banned in Russia. Then the body that enacted the ban had the nerve to tell people that they should find an actual partner as an alternative. Wow. :stuck_out_tongue:


Durov is punished for “loyalty to his country”, because in 2013 he made a passport for Saint Kitts and Nevis against the background of known problems in Russia for traveling through the countries… And then in April 2014, Pavel Durov was simply kicked out of VKontakte. Now they are ruled by Boris Dobrodeyev.


Locker of our kind and friendly (not) Roskomnadzor, for “allegedly” protect children from pornography… kids sooner or later will still see pornography.