Don't kill your Escargot account - A PSA

(Check Animadoria’s comment instead.)
So you may know what NINA is. If so, then you know that it can cross into Escargot accounts.
All i’m saying is: don’t do it.
I did it, WLM crashed when i tried to sign out of it, now the program does not even start. I signed out of Yahoo messenger, i’ve re-installed wlm, changed my password, rebooted my computer, nothing. Zero signs of life.
If you wanna use NINA, make a new designated account.

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Hello, don’t feel alone on this. I’ve had the same happening to me. Completely disappointing that crossing your Escargot account into Yahoo! Messenger instead kills WLM. :frowning: I’ve had a long chat with @TReKiE about this, and it turns out to be unfixable, except to create a new NINA account, as you said.

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Don’t do that. Just ask for support on the OFFICIAL support channel on our Discord or check the Troubleshooting page on our Wiki.

It is very much fixable.


Thanks for providing these. I somehow did not think to find these.
My apologies.
I’ll either remove this post, or edit the post, providing the links instead.

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That is very unlucky, hope they patch it soon!
But since it’s already patched i didn’t have any reason to post this :stuck_out_tongue: