Does TReKiE is Hoobastank?

While downloading the collection of Audibles that still exist…

The question remains. Does @TReKiE is Hoobastank?

Nice! Here’s the list of audible packs -

See attachment of audible XML menu for Messenger 6.0+

audiblemenu.xml.txt (3.7 KB)

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Will be keeping note of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you people live with so many things in your taskbar ;-;


Well, looks more like Kurt Robaer with Multiple unicorn horns hair or Like @Patchou but well, i love the @TReKie face and his broken arm on this photo, maybe he was fighting with Bill Gates because the WLM cancellation:

That photo with @TReKiE and the bandage was years before the official discontinuation of Messenger (circa 2007). :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that, is only a jokex

I know lol. Just that the “WLM cancellation” part didn’t make sense in that context. :stuck_out_tongue:

and also gates left microsoft around that time (2006)

Bill Gates left Microsoft in 2008

Well it seems that anything linking to now leads to the generic “Yahoo! will be right back” page, meaning all the audibles (and modern IMVironments) on that server are now gone. While I, myself, archived as many audibles as I could, and archived the majority of them, I didn’t archive all of them, and now I’m relying on pure luck to see if there’s another Yahoo! server or just an obscure file host that may contain these audibles in full or if someone else like Chet Simpson (or Chet himself) has a good enough library of audibles that I can stash for later use. I assume the random yanking of these files has something to do with the shutdown of Yahoo! Messenger, which also affected the old HTTPS authentication service for Yahoo! Messenger, since they were up before Yahoo! Messenger was announced to shut down, but who knows.


that’s sad

After finding out that a few Audibles I remember downloading have somehow gone missing (namely, all the Halloween Audibles), I’ve learned from now to back up these kinds of rare and prized files on my Dropbox. It isn’t public right now, as I don’t see the point of doing that, but it should prevent more from depleting themselves.