Does the WLM 2011 emoticon pack exists for 8.5?

Like this one : windows_live_messenger_2011_emoticons_2_34928_8035_image_12469

I know about the emoticon creator but they are not all here

I can make one if you like

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Would you like to do this for me ?? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I completly wanna change the original emoticons of wlm 8…5 for the new ones if its possible of course

I found a winrar package of all these emoticons but i dont know how to replace the old ones by the newer ones


U Create custom emoticions for each emoticion in that folder and use them instead of the wlm 8.5

windows_live_emoticons_2010_by_mxiamxia.rar (158.1 KB)