Does the voice/webcam features work?

Hi, i have a question.
Does the voice/webcam features work and if so, does it with issues.
It’s very nice if i get a answer.

Greetings, Justviet.


The webcam works, but the voice don’t works, so you will only see the other person, but you can talk him and you cannot listen to the other person

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Guessing it only depends on the configuration of the network for messenger to grab a connection those features. at some point the voice worked for me only in one day and then never worked again. the same with webcam for me.

I didn’t realize it was such a problem. I’ve tested it a few times before and it always worked just fine for me…

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That’s good, I hope it continues working for you. we need more work on messenger but it will take time to finish everything.

for me webcam and voice don’t work. only voice clips work